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Internal Branding

World-class internal branding strategies to grow your brand, nurture employee engagement, build loyalty, and impact your bottom line.

Get branded from within.

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Impactful brands are powerful.

We help brands rediscover their purpose through four avenues:

consulting, workshops, keynotes, and business licenses.



Impact high-growth markets with our winning four-step methodology. We take you along a journey to create better employee engagement and strengthen your foundations by focusing on research, strategy, training, and engagement.

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World-class brands are grown from the inside out through internal branding. Our programmes will train you on how to create cohesion across all levels of your organisation and allow you to reach greater heights.

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Be empowered by Jerome’s winning keynotes, from how to live your brand out to cultivating the brand champion mindset, and building your own brand legacy. Learn from a global speaker with an unparalleled talent for storytelling.

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Business Licenses

Business Licenses

Control the reins yourself and utilise our business licenses to learn the tools of the trade and train your employees independently. Our licenses cover three major areas: brand strategy mastery, internal brand mastery, and branded customer experience mastery. Once you purchase a license, it’s yours - for life!

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The Brand Theatre

Who we are

Who We Are

Welcome to The Brand Theatre Worldwide. Using proven strategies, we help strengthen your Brand and Culture. As a Global Brand Consulting firm with more that 23 years of Experience, working over 1000 brands in 35 Countries we are committed to Growing Brands from Within.

Led by our CEO, Jerome Joseph, Best-Selling, Author of Internal Branding: Growing your Brand from Within, we offer a range of proven strategies to impact your Brand and Culture through our Consulting Framework and Signature Programs.

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The Brand Theatre Worldwide

We have helped many Fortune 500 MNCs, SMEs and government organisations create impressive performances across their Brand, Employee Engagement, Customer Experience and Sales and Marketing arms. Through training we have enabled these Brands to deliver outstanding performances, revenue and loyalty.


Our Blog

Power your brand from within with insight and resources.

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Creating a personal brand is a fundamental part of every leader to succeed, regardless of the area in which it…

Create the Brand Experience

The client no longer searches for information about your product, they rather look for the experience that your brand provides.…

Gaining Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is not the same as customer satisfaction: Why is the difference important? As long as your customers are…

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